Hydro Charger

The strengths of the


The SWI-TEC Hydro Charger can be lowered into the water while underway and it immediately starts to generate sufficient electricity to keep the batteries fully charged.

The intelligent controller combines both the power generated by the Hydro Charger and a photovoltaic source.

Generates power from 4 knotz ( depending on boat speed and adjustment of the propeller blade pitch) to 500 Watts depending on speed and battery load.

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Hydro Charger

Hydro Charger Standard

ohne Crashsicherung

Hydro Charger Deluxe

Hydro Charger Deluxe

with Crash-Secure

Both models can be ordered with the standard or pivotable bracket. They are available in 2 versions 12V or 24V and have a dimension of 1100 x 100 mm and a weight of approx. 18 kg.The massive and stormproof stainless steel construction (V4A) makes the Hydro Charger the perfect companion on all trips.

Standard bracket

With the standard holder, you can easily mount the Hydro Charger on your ship. The scope of delivery includes the stainless steel bracket, the plastic adapter, the counter plate as well as a complete set of screws and nuts including plug lock. The bracket can also be ordered separately. This allows the Hydro Charger to be hung to starboard or port depending on the course.

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Standardhalterung Hydro Charger

Pivotable transom bracket

With this bracket the Hydro Charger will always be in a vertical position in the water an therefore can achieve an optimal performance. The holes are identical to the normal transom bracket and can be retrofitted with the normal bracket. The swing resistance is adjustable using the self-locking nut. Thereby you achieve a slowly drop of the Hydro Charger.

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Hydro Charger

Bracket support for bathing platforms

The angle bracket is mainly suitable for mounting on bathing platforms.

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Halterung für Badeplattform Hydro Charger

Easy to use

The SWI-TEC Hydro Charger, built of solid marine-grade stainless steel, is mounted at a suitable location on the transom, slightly offset from the rudder. The Transom Mounting Fixture incorporates a 4-to-1 block and tackle pulley system allowing the unit to be lowered into- and raised out of the water while underway without any effort. Once the SWI-TEC Charger Hydro is in the operating position, it snaps in and the strain is taken off the lines. When released by tugging on the separate release line the unit can be pulled up without any difficulty. When leaving the boat unattended the Hydro Charger can easily be removed using the security bolt.

All the advantages:

  • Solid stainless steel construction ( Aisi 316 )
  • Quick fastener device for mounting on transom bracket
  • Foldable at full speed through 4x reduction ratio line
  • Generator locks into working position when deployed in the water (easy release by lightly pulling on the red line)
  • Can be stored in fully inverted position (for ex. in harbour)
  • Lateral stoppers to avoid generator hitting on transom
  • 20 A/12 V socket for watermaker, inverter 220 V / 50Hz, (115V / 60Hz) for charging cellular phones, TV, PC etc.
  • Programmable converter charger with digital display
  • Max. current programmable depending on battery capacity

What do the media and users say?

Hi we are now in East London South Africa, we sail around the world with the hydrocharger and from start from Stockholm that will be over 30000 seamile. And we are very happy with the hydrocharger we have so much power so we can sale. This trip had not been so easy without the hydrocharger and we properly have to change batteries, now we always have batteries fully loaded.


I have installed the Hydrocharger. Works fantastic. At 8+ knots it produces 400 watts and more. I was unable to measure a braking effect, albeit at a slower speed. The installation of two brackets is an ideal solution for boats with an open tailgate or folding mirror. The generator is quite easy to move around, even when driving. However, I did install a stop with a screw with a nut for folding up, since the generator sometimes comes up with momentum and, above all, can be easily fixed in the raised position on the pushpit with the hoisting ropes. The connected solar panel also works perfectly via the controller.

Friedrich B.

We bought a swi-tec Hydrocharger and we are so pleased to tell, that we have a lots of power in our boat now. So her we go over the Atlantic. And the support from the company is very good. We recommend this product.

Helene L.
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